What is Phenibut?

Phenytoin is a “nootropic drug” that has multiple effects on the body and nervous system. Nootropics are drugs that enhance memory or stimulate specific areas of the brain.

It is also used to treat conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. People with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) may benefit from taking phenibbuter.

The technical name of the drug is β-phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid, which is a derivative of γ-aminobutyric acid, a neuromodulator, and GABA (and its derivatives, such as phenytoin sodium) has been proven to have some Predictive effects make these chemicals useful for certain treatments. Phenibut is a nootropic, sometimes used to treat anxiety. This drug was originally a “astronaut’s medicine.”

The report cited the I.M. Herzen-Leningrad Institute of the former Soviet Union as one of the earliest sites for the synthesis of phenytoin sodium. Russian space explorers use this form of chemical substances to help them deal with work needs phenibbuter for the treatment of insomnia. In modern medicine, phenobarbital has lower blood pressure and other related effects. It has some side effects, including the effect of stopping the drug, blood pressure will rise, anxiety and insomnia can also cause anxiety and insomnia. Researchers are still studying how drugs like fennibuter can help better control the condition of the nervous system.

Due to its side effects, you should not take fenibout before consulting your doctor. Doctors sometimes use this drug to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers and other patients.

This medicine is also a kind of anxiety prescribed by doctors for those with special symptoms, including social anxiety. It can even help treat other diseases such as stuttering.

In forums related to the above situation and pharmacology, individuals are trying to educate the public about drugs. Before starting treatment with fenibbutan or related drugs, patients must understand its risks and benefits.

Consumer advocates point out that not all popular uses of these drugs have been specifically approved by the FDA, and that more attention may be needed to clinical trials.

Government medical information sources provide more information about the pharmacology of phenytoin sodium. The information also spread to the fitness community. Some people apparently believe that benibuter is useful for athletes because of its relaxing properties.

The fitness forum includes comments from individual users of the drug, including those who buy the drug over the counter.

Although similar drugs are also available over the counter, individuals should seek medical attention before taking the drugs due to reported side effects. Like benibut, exercise helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

How to synthesize Phenibut

1. Preparation of the first intermediate

Add benzaldehyde and ethyl acetoacetate to ethanol, stir and react for 45-50 hours at room temperature under the catalysis of organic bases, and then filter with filter cake. After filtration is completed, the filter cake is rinsed with ethanol, and the filter cake is dried to obtain a solid.

The filtrate is concentrated to 1/4 of the original volume, the concentrated solution is cooled, filtered and washed with alcohol to obtain a solid, and the two solids are combined to form the first intermediate; the molar ratio of benzaldehyde, ethyl acetoacetate, and ethanol It is 1:2. 5-3:12-15.

2. Preparation of the second intermediate

The first intermediate was added to the 20% sodium hydroxide solution by mass concentration, and the reaction was stirred at 85-90°C for 2-2. 5h, and then filtered with a filter cake.

After the filtration was completed, the filter cake was washed with water, and the filtrate was combined and cooled. The obtained filtrate was stirred for 3 hours, and HCl was added dropwise to adjust the pH to 1-2.

After the stirring was completed, it was filtered, washed with water, and dried to obtain a solid second intermediate; the mass ratio of the first intermediate to the sodium hydroxide solution was 1: 1. 8-2. 0;

3. Preparation of the third intermediate

The second intermediate was dissolved in a pure acetic anhydride solution and refluxed for 3~5h. After refluxing, it was concentrated to remove acetic anhydride and dissolved by adding toluene.

After the dissolution was completed, ammonia water was added, and the reaction was carried out at 60_65°C for 1-1. 5h, the reaction was completed After that, H2SO4 was added dropwise to adjust the pH to 1-2 in the ice bath, and then the solid was precipitated.

The precipitated solid was filtered, washed with water, and dried to obtain a solid third intermediate; the second intermediate, pure acetic anhydride solution, toluene , The mass ratio of ammonia is 5:1-1. 2:0. 5-0. 8:0. 5-0. 8;

4. Preparation of Finibut

Dissolve the third intermediate in a 25% sodium hydroxide solution with a mass concentration, cool to _5°C~10°C, add sodium hypochlorite slowly within 15-20min after cooling, react for 1h, and then perform an ice bath in turn The reaction is 0.5~1. 5h, the water bath reaction is 0.5~1. 5h, and finally the temperature is gradually raised to 60~80 °C, the reaction is 1-1. 5h, after the reaction is completed, the cooling is performed again, and the ice-water bath drops after the cooling is completed Add hydrochloric acid to adjust the PH to 2, stir at room temperature for 1h, filter, add sodium hydroxide in an ice-water bath to pH 6-7 after filtration, cool and stir for 2h, filter again to obtain phenibutte, which is 4-amino-3-phenylbutyl Acid; The mass ratio of the third intermediate, sodium hydroxide solution, and sodium hypochlorite is 1. 0:0. 8-1. 0:1. 0-1. 1.