At present, the clinical application of human growth hormone is more and more extensive, and parents are paying more and more attention to the height of their children. Height is regarded as the first threshold for finding a job after entering the society. However, many parents still don’t know much about human growth hormone, so many questions will inevitably arise during the medication period. Today, the editor will sort out your various doubts and answer them one by one.

Is it safe to use human growth hormone therapy?

Answer: Human growth hormone has been used in China for more than 30 years. A large number of clinical data have confirmed that recombinant human growth hormone is safe.

Human growth hormone is not only used to treat short stature, but also widely used in various clinical fields, such as large-area burns and skin that cannot heal. The use of growth hormone can promote skin healing. In addition, it is also used in reproductive medicine, surgery, etc.

Human growth hormone is the only drug approved by the US FDA, the world’s most rigorous drug regulatory agency, for the treatment of short stature. After 30 years of clinical observation by the European Food and Drug Administration, it is recognized as a safe drug.

Is recombinant human growth hormone the same as the growth hormone secreted by the human body?

Answer: Growth hormone is an endocrine hormone produced and stored in the anterior lobe of the human pituitary gland. It is composed of 191 amino acids. It is the most important growth-promoting hormone in the human body. Recombinant human growth hormone refers to human growth synthesized by genetic engineering technology. Hormone, the chemical structure of growth hormone produced by the human pituitary gland is exactly the same.

The use of recombinant human growth hormone as an alternative therapy according to doctor’s advice can significantly promote the growth of children’s height and improve the growth and development of all organs and tissues throughout the body. Clinical experience has verified tens of thousands of cases. Recombinant human growth hormone is currently the only safe treatment for short stature. Effective medicine.

How old can a child use growth hormone?

Answer: The incomplete closure of the epiphysis is the prerequisite for growth hormone therapy. If the child’s height growth rate is less than 4-5cm per year, and the bone age is lagging behind the age of more than 2 years, there will be indications for the use of growth hormone. After a series of examinations and diagnosis, The earlier it should be used, the better. On the one hand, children with small bone age will have more room for growth, and the effect of medication will be better. On the other hand, the cost of treatment for children with light weight will be relatively low.

Is growth hormone powder prone to produce antibodies?

Answer: This understanding is wrong. The impurities contained in biological products refer to high-molecular proteins, mainly including growth hormone polymers and impurities, which are the main reason for the production of antibodies. If the content of polymer and impurities is very small, it indicates that the antibody production rate is very low. The SEC-HPLC (Molecular Exclusion High Performance Liquid Chromatography) protein test of Ansu Meng powder shows that the content of polymer protein is zero, which is far lower than The standard (≤6.0%) stipulated by the National Pharmacopoeia.

Any drug will produce antibodies, and clinically it has been shown that when the binding capacity of the antibody does not exceed 2mg/L, the curative effect will not be affected.

Will there be symptoms of acromegaly after medication?

Answer: The prerequisite for acromegaly is the closure of the epiphyses, and long-term high-dose use can occur. Therefore, a comprehensive examination must be done before the use of growth hormone, especially the most basic bone age test.

The cause of acromegaly may be due to the abnormal secretion of growth hormone due to some reasons such as tumors in the pituitary gland. It exceeds a hundred or a thousand times the physiological secretion, and only when the epiphysis is closed or about to be closed can acromegaly be caused. The prescribed dose of growth hormone is generally used from the smallest dose of the effective dose, so it is very safe.

Will I gain weight after injecting growth hormone?

Answer: There are many types of hormones, which can be divided into four major categories according to their chemical properties. Growth hormone is a peptide hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. Generally speaking, the fattening hormone refers to steroid glucocorticoids. This hormone can cause people to get fat.

If the child’s weight gains fast, it may be related to nutritional intake. It is recommended to exercise more, which will not only help control weight, but also promote height growth.

Will growth hormone accelerate the closure of the epiphysis?

Answer: No, the closure of the epiphysis is a natural growth process. Regardless of whether growth hormone is used or not, the epiphysis will continue to grow, mature, and its growth potential is constantly consumed. The growth hormone injected exogenously and secreted in our body Growth hormones are completely consistent. They mainly promote the division and proliferation of cartilage cells to achieve height growth. It is sex hormones (mainly estrogen) that accelerate the closure and aging of the epiphysis.

Some children who use growth hormone therapy have entered puberty. The bone age of puberty has the possibility of rapid growth, and it is easy for parents to mistakenly think that it is caused by growth hormone. In fact, it is not.

Precocious puberty is not short now

Why do we need growth hormone therapy?

Answer: Children with precocious puberty are due to the premature increase of sex hormone levels and reach the puberty level. Their growth rate is significantly accelerated. The height is only temporarily higher than that of children of the same age. At the same time, due to the accelerated growth of the epiphysis, the bone age is earlier than the actual age. It is closed early, which shortens the growth cycle, resulting in the final height after adulthood is significantly lower than normal.

Therefore, precocious puberty is not short now, which does not mean that you will not be short in the future. Growth hormone therapy for precocious puberty children is to increase the height of the child during the limited time before the closure of the epiphysis to reach the target height.

What are the precautions during medication?

Answer: Use and store medicines correctly according to the doctor’s advice.

Pay attention to a balanced diet in daily life. You can add more protein-rich foods to ensure adequate sleep and maintain a good mental state.

Take the child to the hospital regularly for follow-up and record the change of height so that the growth hormone can better exert its effect.

Is there drug dependence on the use of growth hormone?

Answer: No. The half-life of the drug is very short. The drug will be metabolized 1-2 months after the drug is stopped, and then it will completely return to the level of its own secretion in the body before the drug. At the same time, short children will have growth hormone secretion disorders (including factors such as quantity and activity), GH insensitivity and other reasons. The use of growth hormone therapy only promotes the growth of the child’s height, and has no effect on their own secretion.

After using growth hormone, the body is as high as normal.

Will the next generation be short?

Answer; not necessarily. Since there are many reasons for shortness, similar to familial idiopathic shortness, it is a genetic factor, and the genes for shortness in the next generation may still exist. Some non-familial short statures, such as perinatal injury, hypoxia, and suffocation at birth, may not affect the next generation.

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